Frequently Asked Questions


Who Qualifies For This Program?

Any female-identifying student in Manitoba who is graduating from a Manitoba High School Diploma program or a Mature Student High School Diploma program, and is facing challenges that prevent her from purchasing a graduation dress and accessories.

How Can I Register?

To register, please have a teacher or guidance counselor from your school or program send us an email at

How Does The Process Work?

Gowns for Grads giveaway events are held each year, usually mid-April to mid-May. Students must first register for our program through their school. Appointment times are sent to the teachers or guidance counsellors in the schools. They will notify the graduates of their respective appointments. 

How Much Does This Cost?

Nothing! Gowns for Grads wants you to enjoy and celebrate your amazing achievement. However, we need donations to keep the program running. Please consider donating your dress back to us so a future student can benefit.  

What If I Have a Gown To Donate?

We accept donations of gowns year round and ESPECIALLY need plus-size dresses! Items NOT suitable for our program are skirts, tops, pants, jackets, and casual wear. Please visit our "Drop Off Locations" page on this website to see all of our current drop off locations.

Do You Need Volunteers?

Yes! We require volunteers for our annual giveaway events, which start in mid April. Please email us at and use the subject line "Volunteer" to be added to our list of volunteers.